Exhibition: The music of the landscapes and the still-lifes

Art exhibition at Auction House Enakor, Sofia, March 21-29, 2024.

Curator: Rositsa Gicheva-Meymari

Ema Yordanova opens her seventh solo painting exhibition in Auction House Enakor, Sofia.

The exhibition presents landscapes and still-lifes from the past year. The artist’s research is mainly on color, its role in nature and the way it resonates with us and how we perceive it sensibly.

Ema Yordanova’s works seem to open a window to another bright and colorful world, saturated with vibrating sensations, warm memories, a world of imagination where everything is possible.

The main theme in her work are natural landscapes and colorful still-lifes with colorful bouquets.

Enakor Auction House is hosting a solo exhibition of the artist for the third time, the previous two being in 2017 and 2018.

With numerous exhibitions behind her, both solo and collective, Ema Yordanova never stops looking for new horizons for creative self-expression and exploration of new ideas.

The artist’s job is not just to depict what he sees, but to embed in the colors of the canvas a piece of his soul. To interact with the surrounding world and give a field for expression of their ideas and feelings.