The process of creating

Why do we create art? There are countless reasons for motivation. Art can be informative, it can make our everyday lives a bit more colourful, it can make a social statement or just be enjoyed for aesthetic beauty. I personally feel an inner urge to express feelings and ideas and, if possible, make our surrounding more beautiful while reflecting positive vibes to the public. Art is an inspiration itself. Creativity drives the artist’s imagination further towards discovering new artistic horizons and it also helps to develop better self-consciousness, awareness of the process of making things and exploring the inner world. For me, drawing is a necessary and life-saving skill. When I grab the brushes and start painting, I enter another parallel world – the world of dreams where everything is possible. The process of creating an art piece is like walking an endless path towards your true self. Digging, getting to know the inner worlds and senses through destruction and creation. An endless quest that is somehow different every time. When we are open-minded and have the freedom to explore and devote ourselves to art, the process somehow gets easier and even satisfactory. Sketching is a very important part of this process – it is like thinking, but in images and shapes. A visual process of transformation of the thoughts. An equivalent to writing, for example. As an artist, I have to trust my inner compass that guides me – the intuition.